ISEW Emcad Embroidery Pattern Design System


The embroidery pattern-design system is the system that designs the patterns for the computerized embroidery machine. With this system,user can design the file that enable to be recognized by the embroidery machine, so called as the patterns, on his PC, according to wishes ofthe designer. The control system of the embroidery machine will process the pattern, control the machine and embroider the shape designed bythe user. ISEW EMCAD embroidery pattern-design system provides the fast and flexible way for the operator to create the pattern, which canmeet the demand of the high efficiency and high productivity from the professional operator.



★ISEW Pattern-design system is the most powerful system on make the multi-sequin design. Beside to the various kinds of sequin inputmethods, this system also provides kinds of sequin edition method, which simplifies the modification and creation of multi-sequin pattern.The pattern copy methods make the composition become easy. Meanwhile, due to its strong capacity to handle the huge multi-sequinpattern, the edition and modification of that huge pattern is as easy as the normal pattern, which is easy for user to use in their production.

★Meet the pattern-design requirement of lockstitch looping embroidery, carpet embroidery, cross embroidery and other latest special embroideries.

★Power picture-pattern transfer function. Input the picture with the camera on the computer. Then the system will recognize the picture andcreate the stitch form automatically. The function of photo-and-embroider is realized.

★ISEW pattern-design system can be perfectly coordinated with ISEW embroidery controllers. The pattern designed by this system willcontain the specific embroidery machine information and the controller parameter information, like the color-changing information. Afteruser inputs the pattern to the embroidery machine, the embroidery machine controller will set it automatically so that user can be freedfrom that work.

Manual Sequin

At Manual Sequin function, user can locate the sequin with differentspecifications on the basis of the manual stitch form. During the process ofinputting point, user can set the specification of the located sequin, which willsimplify the embroidery of irregular sequins.

Auto Sequin Function

With Auto Sequin Function, user can locate sequins with particulate rule ona curve and set the sequin parameters, such as sequin specification, sequindensity and type of the fixing thread. Then the software will create the sequinpattern according to the inputted outlines and other parameters.

Sequin Compound Stitch–filling Function

With this function, user only need draw the peripheral line. Then the software will fill the sequin within the pointed area, according to thesequin locating rule, line height, row interval and type of fixing thread, which will enhance the productivity by large margin. Meanwhile, usercan also select the wave filling.

Besides to the sequin filling, user can also select some hollow orsolid figure to perform the filling design.

Effect of Inserting Stitch

The inser ting stitch can simulates the effect of the feather or petal, thus to realize the more complicated pattern.

Sequin Edition

This function can change the sequin in one type to the sequinsin other types, or change the sequin in series according certainrule to create the complex sequin effect.

Object Sequin Transfer

This function can transfer the sequin code within the object intoother sequin codes in batches. And user has no need to selectthe stitch form of the changed sequins.

Sequin Line Function

This function can set different sequin codes according to the outline of thevector picture, so as to have the shape of sequin match to the vector picture

Simple Looping Stitch

This function can promptly create the stitch form suppor ted by the simplelooping device in the compound filling, like input method A,B and C.

Pattern-design of Taping, Cording and Chain-stitch

With the pattern-design function of taping, cording and chain-stitch, user can onlyuse the simple flat stitch to create the effect of the taping, cording and chainstitch.

Multi-function Copy Function

Beside to the common copy, this function can also provide the copy with pointed deviation distance. The objects can be copied in verticalline or horizontal line as long as user provides the direction and the deviation distance, which make the process of pattern-designingbecome much faster.

Large Pattern Processing

For the sequin pattern with 100 thousand stitches or even several millionstitches, this system can activate the copy and edition function in a fast way,which promote the processing efficiency by large margin.

DHA Format in ISEW Controller

After user inputs pattern to the controller, the system will set the color-changing order. Then user can pull the bar for embroidery directly.Meanwhile, because the colors of threads are set, user can directly check the actual effect and select the thread according to the patterndisplayed, which improve the performance of our controller, simplify the operation of user and promote the productivity.

Pattern input to 316/366 controller (color-changing and color are set already)


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